The Birth of RAM Dump

As is custom in the virtual world, I have created a new place to post my thoughts on software development, technology, and the life of a programmer.

About the Name
I wanted a place to be able to dump my thoughts on technical subjects. I had just read a bug report email that mentioned a RAM dump being available and the lightbulb went off. I think it fits (what I intend to be) the theme of this blog perfectly: you’ll probably get a lot of garbage but I’m sure in that mess you’ll find several useful tidbits!

I performed a quick check of ramdump.com and to my surprise it was available. Not wanting to have it squatted on, I went ahead and purchased the domain. Hopefully the outlay of money will entice me to write more often. :)

The What & When
My initial plans are to post at least twice a week. Topics will be on anything that crosses my mind and will focus on software development as it pertains to me – so lots of Java, mobile development and “fun time” projects like Scala.

What Else
Follow the blog @ramdump, or follow me @dsosby.

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